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Gåsevig camping has many different activities, so come and play.

Activities in the water

Come and try our Banana Boat or Tubes

Time to play

Gåsevig beach camping see more in our activity calendar on facebook

Activities for young and old

Gåsevig beach camping is the place where no one gets bored, here are activities for all ages

Go on an experience in nature. Here you can take father and mother out and experience sea, river, lake, reeds, beach, slopes where “cave swallows” live, forest and fields and it is all within a radius of 500 meters from the campsite. So dad and mom can handle it.

You can borrow fishing nets, water binoculars, magnifiers, etc. in the kiosk. Then you can decide for yourself what you want to explore, capture and study.


During the high season, Ascension Day and Pentecost, various activities are arranged. Below you can see a selection of what activities we offer.

Follow our Facebook page, here we will continuously make notices with the various activities take place. You are also very welcome to contact us on telephone +45 74 57 55 97, messenger or e-mail info@gaasevig.dk to hear more.


Water activities

Water activities

Here you can see a selection of what water activities we offer. There are waterballs, sea kayaks, banana boats etc …



Here you can see a selection of what different activities take place on and around the playground.

Living room

Living room and activity tent

We have a nice living room for both adults and children, where there is plenty of opportunity to have fun.