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Experiences on and around the campsite

There are many different experiences on and around the square.

Visit the Arena in Aabenraa

Large swimbath with sauna and gym

Visit Paintball Delux

Paintball, laser games, bumberballs, kangaroo boxing

Visit the Sports Center in Aabenraa

Bowling, playland, laser game and mini golf

Walking and cycling tours

Forest and Nature Agency and Haderslev Touristoffice arrange tours with guide, where everyone is welcome to attend.


There are many excursion spots in South Jutland. Gåsevig Beach Camping is placed in the bottom of a subglacial stream trench. The valley goes through the re-established Slivsø up to Hoptrup city.


​About 3 km from Gåsevig Strand Camping is Slivsøen – a nature restoration project with a completely unique nature. The area is suitable for a long walk or bike ride around the lake.

Slivsø is 164 hectares and South Jutland’s third largest lake. The lake is a habitat for 180 bird species, among others the sea eagle lives in this area. In addition, the lake contains many pike, perches and trouts. By Slivsø there are great hiking routes. A North route and a South route. The Northern route takes you very close to the lake and wildlife. It takes you past the old pumping station, which today has been rebuilt and serves as a lookout tower. From here there are views of the entire lake and wildlife. The route is about 3.5 km long. The Southern route is about 2.5 km long and offers a panoramic view of the lake and the countryside.

In the central part of the lake there is the possibility of canoeing, kayaking and rowing. Read more about the rules by following this link: https://naturstyrelsen.dk
From 15 January to 15 January, it is allowed to fish in the central part of the lake, if you have a valid fishing license. Here are many other great hikes, also on a typical East Jutland coastline. Short or long hikes, ask at the kiosk and we will help you best we can.


The terrain is also great for cycling tours. Just outside Gåsevig Beach Camping is the Cycle 5 route and Cycle Route “Baltic route” also passes right by. 

We suggest a trip on Kalvø island, or a bicycle trip to Round Mill on Løjtland along the coast and through the forest.

The “cool” cyclists cycle down to the ferry and sail to Barsø, go for a walk and bike back home again. Deer Park with deer and red deer is just a small 10 km away. Ask at the kiosk, we will gladly assist you.

Take the car

Are you up for a spin, then there are countless of possibilities. Activities are described elsewhere, but take a trip to any of the South and South Jutland towns – or go to Flensburg.




Paintball Delux

Outdoor activity center near Aabenraa in Southern Jutland

Paintball-deluxe is a large outdoor activity center where paintball is their main attraction. It is one of Northern Europe’s largest outdoor courts.

They write, among other things.
“Paintball is one of the things we are best at. We are one of the few courses in the country that makes a living from offering this sport, and therefore we also approach it completely professionally.

Among other things, we can offer the country’s coolest courses with castles, houses and much more. Our courts have also been named Denmark’s best paintball court three years in a row.

– Only the best equipment is good enough
– At Paintball Deluxe we only use the best equipment.

That means: no masks fogging, no dirty suits and gloves, and we take great pride in the fact that everything is in order and ready for use before you come. It is important to us that all types of players can get the equipment that they feel best with and feel safe in. Our protective equipment includes of full-coverage masks, neck protectors, gloves and protective vests.

The weapons are semi-automatic. Which means you do not have to worry about charging; each time you press the trigger, a bullet comes out.

All of this makes it a pure pleasure to play, even for complete beginners.

At Paintball Deluxe, of course, all safety equipment is part of the price. “




Aabenraa swimbath

Southern Jutland’s best swimbath with slide

Aabenraa swimbath contains 2 pools. One pool suitable for small children with slightly warmer water and i.a. countercurrent channel, massage nozzles as well as a water cannon and other figures spraying water.

The swimbath also contains a sports pool where there is plenty of opportunity to unfold on the 1 and 3 meter seesaw or swim lengths in the 25 meter long pool. For the bravest, the water park also includes a 60-meter-long water slide. The water park also includes a sauna, Turkish steam bath and spa pool. Read more about the swimming facilities located in Arena Aabenraa, the prices and their opening hours via the link here.

Gåsevig Strand Camping has established a partnership with both the water park and fitness center in Arena Aabenraa. This means that we can now offer an advantageous price for admission to these activities. Eg. you can enter the swimbath for only 30 DKK and the normal price beeing 46 DKK.  Inquire at the reception about how to receive this offer.

Regards Team Gåsevig





Indoor activity land of 3500m2

X-treme also colloquial language called Sportscentrum is located in Aabenraa city only 15 km. from Gåsevig Strand Camping.
Here you will find bowling alleys, playland, indoor mini golf, lasergame games room, squash courses, pool tables and more.
You will also find a cafe and restaurent with really cozy surroundings.

Here the whole family, friends, campers etc. can play and competeon a large scale. For example, the sports center offers a triathlon where you compete in 3 different activities.

We are to that extent happy with the collaboration agreement we have received with Sportscentrum which gives our guests a full 25% discount on all activities when they spend the night here at Gåsevig Strand Camping.

Inquire at the reception how and see more at www.sportscentrum.dk for opening hours and prices.

Regards Team Gåsevig






Sort Sol

​Facts about Sort Sol

The marsh and crane flyes are prerequisite for Sort Sol.
Starlings come to the marshes to eat crane flyes and garden chefer found in the largest quantities in damp meadows. By day, they seek food especially in the outer corners of Tøndermarsken and at night seeking out the reeds, where they stay overnight.

Sort Sol can be found in many places, but most are in the Tønder- and Ballum marsh.
Sort Sol means “sleep safely”. The starlings gather in large flocks, because in that way they are able to reject attacks by raptors.

Accommodation areas moves constantly to fool birds of prey and because the reeds breaks after some days of use, whereby starlings will sit with their feet in water. It costs too much energy. Therefore, one can never be entirely sure where starlings go down and stay for the night. 


Enormous packs

Sort sol in Tønder marsh may occasionally hold up to 1 mill. birds. When the night pack exceed more than 500,000 birds the pack split up, there is too much internal trouble.

The name Sort Sol

The name was first used in 1974, when Nature Iver Gram showed the phenomenon for participants in a public nature tour. 

Spring and autumn

The phenomenon is seen in spring and autumn, the amount of birds are larger in autumn.
Starlings come from all countries around The Baltic Sea and Norway.

Many more excursions

There are countless excursions in the area. Take a look at them both in the Aabenraa area and Haderslev.

Golf experiences

Jutland has some of Denmark`s most beautiful courses.


Jutland has some of Denmark`s most beautiful courses. Within a 30 minutes drive you will find 7 golf courses.

Southern Jutland golf experiences

6 golf courses in southern Jutland have come together in a green fee arrangement. The arrangement applies to golfers who guests the club and golfmembers of the respective clubs.

​The 6 golf clubs are:

Aabenraa Golfklub – Løjtland – 16 km – telefon: 74 75 07 50
Sønderjyllands golfklub – Aabenraa – 30 km – telefon: 74 68 75 25
Benniksgård golfclub – Gråsten – 47 km – telefon: 74 65 22 68
Tønder golfklub – Tønder – 62 km – telefon: 74 73 43 13
Sønderborg Golfklub – Augustenborg – 69 km – telefon: 74 47 37 97
Nordborg golfklub – Nordborg – 82 km – telefon: 74 45 00 05

In addition, further 4 golf clubs in the vicinity of the campsite
Haderslev golfklub – Haderslev – 13 km – telefon: 74 52 83 01
Brundtlandbanen – Toftlund – 38 km – telefon: 74 83 16 00
Royal Oak – Jels / Rødding – 48 km – telefon: 74 55 32 94
Kolding Golfklub – Kolding – 57 km – telefon: 75 52 37 93

See more about the courses on their website or at www.golf.dk.
We are helpful with inquiries if needed.
Take on a golf holiday in South Jutland.

Southern Jutland

Opportunities for multiple cultural experiences

Jutland has its own proud history. A unique history because it is a border region. For the one interested in history there are countless of opportunities to cultivate oneself to one’s interests. It is exciting both North and South of the current border.

Visit for example Dybbøl Banke, Dybbøl mill, Dybbøl Center and Dannevirke (Germany). Dybbøl is approx. a 30-40 min. drive from Gåsevig Beach Camping. The “old frontier” which lies just north of Christiansfeld is only a 20 min. drive from the campsite.

Discover some of the many bunkers that the Germans have built across South Jutland. There are two in the bay of Diernæs and between the island Barsø and Gåsevig Camping there was a submarine base during World War I. 

Southern Jutland’s history is very present, including the many castles in Aabenraa and Sønderborg. Most people are familiar with Schackenborg Castle, Gråsten Castle, Gram Caslte and Gottorp Castle in Germany.

There are many other possibilities, for example museums and exhibitions that brings history back to live. Ask our staff or see more about South Jutland by following the link below. 

Link: https://www.visitsonderjylland.dk/

Would you like a trip across the border?? Click here to read about Flensburg

Music is the only language that does not require translation and lots of music can be experienced in the region.

There are festivals in e.g. Tønder (folk music) and Kløften Festival in Haderslev. Culture week in Kolding and a large number of local events and venues.

See more www.kultunaut.dk

And then South Jutland has its own Symphony Orchestra. Click here and see more about concerts etc.

The region also has some exciting art museums in Tønder and Kolding and also a large number of private galleries that are worth a visit.